Education Consultants Turning Your Vision to Reality


The Vision Board provides consulting services for teachers, district-level leadership and curriculum design and alignment. We specialize in

  • Arts and Technology Integration
  • Common Core Alignment
  • Strategic Planning and
  • Executive Leadership Coaching.


Experience Matters


Our consultants bring over 50 years of combined experience with school districts from all over the United States in the classroom, district leadership and curricular design. We have worked with districts with 6,000 students to districts with over 75,000 students and can provide your school or district with a variety of professional development experiences. We offer:

  • Speaking and Keynotes
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Curriculum Design Services
  • Curriculum and Assessment Mapping
  • Teaching and Learning Professional Development
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Integration Services
  • Instructional Technology Services


 A Unique Approach


We know that you have many choices when it comes to bringing professional development to your school or district. We believe in providing only high-quality, rigorous, practical experiences when working with districts so that everyone can walk away with content and information they can implement immediately.

To do this, we bring our unique three-prong approach to professional development. We offer the ability to receive a 360 degree view of your district through our Organization and Instruction report, from which you can choose leadership, curricular design or instructional delivery professional development options. 

three prong

One of our core values is in building relationships with our clients.  To honor that, we use our three-prong approach to truly get to know your district's culture, goals, mission and vision.  From there, we work as a team to match our skills and talents with your unique priorities.  You simply won't find this kind of comprehensive approach to professional development anywhere else.