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Connectivity Conference

Connectivity Conference
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Product Description

connectivity1Connecting the dots

Welcome to the Connectivity Conference 2013! 

You are about to embark on a tremendous journey – one that will continue to spark hope, change, and innovation in you and your classroom well beyond a single conference day.  We are so thankful that you are interested in joining us for this experience!

When we set out to develop the Connectivity Conference 2013, we knew we wanted it to be

  • something that embraced technology
  • provided ways to connect across content areas and
  • network with  a community of professionals from across the country.


Here’s how it works:

This conference is totally online.  We have created a participant community which will be open on the day of the conference and will provide the “venue” for our day together.

Recorded video sessions will be posted there, alongside a live chat feed.  This way, you can view the presentation at any time, but during the session time you have the opportunity to ask questions of each presenter in real-time.

Additionally, these sessions remain in our dedicated conference community so that you can have the information indefinitely.  This allows you to be able to have incredible conversations and share resources with the presenters and other participants in an fun, stimulating community.

2013 Theme

This year’s theme is all about showcasing the incredible connections the arts make to the Common Core.

  • We will be having presentations from nationally-renowned speakers, consultants and masters of the field who are offering timely and valuable information to each of our participants.
  • Also included in your registration is a digital copy of the book STEAM Point, which gives you practical ways to plan and assess integrated lessons across all content areas.
  • Finally, our online conference venue will also host our sponsors and exhibitors who are excited to share their goodies with you through virtual swag bags and exciting events.

All this without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Again, we welcome you to this engaging, inspiring and relevant conference and look forward to developing a continuing dialogue to further Arts Integration in our schools!


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