Education Consultants Turning Your Vision to Reality


Sbrain_gears_iStock_000013485370SmallTEM education is critical for 21st century success.  But by moving from STEM to STEAM, our students are able to integrate science, technology, engineering, the arts and math to engage both critical thinking and creativity in their learning.  Our consultants are experts in embedding STEAM practices across the curriculum.  

Our STEM to STEAM services include:

  • Curriculum analysis and integration recommendations
  • STEAM strategy work with teachers and leaders
  • STEAM lesson plan development and assessment recommendations
  • Comprehensive STEAM practices professional development and resources
  • Project-Based Learning activities grounded in STEAM practices

For a general overview of our STEM to STEAM offerings, take a look at our latest publication STEAM Point and it's corresponding app, STEAMed, which provides sample lesson seeds, aligned standards and assessment options right from your mobile device!