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Technology Integration

TIS-3Integrating technology throughout a district is no longer an option.  The 21st century necessitates that all students, teachers and leaders have the skills that a globally-connected economy demand.  Our technology integration services can help by providing EdTech Camps which focus on hands-on, high-impact instructional technology resources and use cases.

Our technology integration services include:

  • EdTech Camps with groups of 30 teachers or less.  These camps provide access to web-based tools, resources and programs that can be used with all students
  • Blogging for Educators professional development sessions
  • EdTech Leadership Camps which are specifically designed to provide web-based tools for school and district leadership to maximize effectiveness and efficiency
  • TPAC-focused instructional technology integration within the curriculum
  • Web 3.0 for schools: harnessing the power of the semantic web in research and blended learning

Technology is much more than cool websites that teachers can use with their students.  Our consultants will provide your teachers and leaders with the tools that allow them to embed technology in and through the curriculum with fidelity.