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dsc00112Our studio workshop series and keynote addresses are widely known to be one of the most engaging experiences you can bring to your professional learning community.  We customize these services to your unique school or district, which is why you won’t find a pre-packaged list here.  Plus, our team of consultants and speakers have a wide variety of specialties: from district-level leadership to curriculum design to integrated teaching.  

We’ll connect with you, discuss your vision and mission as well as your needs and then design a workshop or keynote to fit your individualized plan. 

Studio Workshop Highlights:

  • Provides the what, why and how of Arts Integration, Common Core and/or Instructional Technology
  • Gives teachers the opportunities to learn a variety of hands-on, interactive Arts Integration Strategies
  • Each session lasts for 1-2 hours.  Sessions may be combined to fit your unique plan for improvement.
  • All sessions contain a technology component that is reflective the TPACK model of teaching through technology, pedagogy and content.

Keynote Concepts:

  • Using Common Core to Create Transformative Practices
  • Being an active participant and facilitator of learning
  • Global best practices and practical applications
  • Using technology as a pathway through the learning process
  • Creating equity through the access points of each child
  • Leadership development to support 21st century learning


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